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Technical Support Service Scams are an issue of tension among the whole industry. The scammers scares the users and trick them into unnecessary technical support services and fix the issues that don’t even exist.

How to Stay Away from Scammers?

Scammers are everywhere around the world and are ruining the trust of consumers in the authentic and genuine service providing platforms.
Technical Support Services are also breached by a lot of spamming activities.
Who are there Spammers? How do Stay away from these spammers?
Let’s Check Out!

Who Are the Spammers in Technical Support Services?

In technical support scams, the scammers try to connect with the user through a phone call or often through a pop-up window in your web browser. The scammer will claim that he/she is from a trusted website like Microsoft or sometimes Supportly too. They will try to engage the users through the common concerns regarding their computer like any malware or viruses. Then they will offer to FIX the issue by connecting through the user’s computer or system.

What could be the possible impact of such scamming activities?

The main intention of the scammer is to gain access to the costumer’s computer and once he/she is successful, he/she is able to do any of the following activities.

  1. Could trick the user into downloading malicious software that could capture the sensitive information of the users such as account numbers and passwords and could later charge money from the user for removing it.
  2. Could convince the user to download the software that would give the computer access to the scammer remotely and the computer’s security will be breached.
  3. Could directly ask the user for their credit card details in the name of billing of the Technical Services.
  4. Could direct the user to other fraud websites and will be asked to enter credit card details.
Often these scammers have their websites and toll-free numbers as well where a whole network is working for scamming purposes.

How to Protect Yourself from Technical Support Scams?

Authentic and genuine technical support services will never ask you for credit card details or other financial information before providing services.
We at Supportly, are solely dedicated to providing technical solutions with a motive to make human life better.
Following are the steps that consumers should take in order to save themselves from the technical support scams.

  • Do not purchase any software or service unless it is totally verified and authentic.
  • Ask if there is a free subscription associated with the service if the answer is yes! Think before you trust.
  • Never give access to your computer to others until you’ve sure the person is the representative of an authentic technical support service from whom you’ve already been served.
  • Take the person’s personal information and immediately inform the authorities.
  • Never provide financial information to a person who is not an authentic representative of the service providing company.
Supportly claims to be the most authentic technical service providing company, in case of any fraud calls with the name of Supportly.
Kindly share us details through the contact details provided below.

Steps to take if the scammer already have the customer’s information

If the scammer has been succeeded in tricking you to get your personal information, still there is nothing to worry about!
Below mentioned are some steps that you can take to prevent the scamming activities.
  • First of all, uninstall all the apps that the scammer has made you to download.
  • If the scammer has the access of your device, reset the settings as soon as possible.
  • Run a detailed scan to check and remove the malwares.
  • Change your passwords immediately.
Contact your credit card providing company and let them know about the scenario.
If possible, ask them to change your card or temporarily or permanently block it.

How to report a scammer?

Help Supportly stop scamming activities in technical support world, we’re standing against all the scams and scammers. Our experts are using advanced technical solutions to keep the customers safe from scamming activities, but this is not possible without your support.

Help us in stopping these scammers report your scamming issues with us through the below mentioned contact platforms.
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Popular Types of Scams

There are a variety of scams that are happening in the world of technical support services, below are some of the major types of scams.
  • Phone Scams
  • Web Scams
  • Mails Scams

Supportly Against Technical Support Frauds

  • Supportly stands tall against all the unauthentic malware activities taking place in the market of online support.
  • We have the best team who are dedicated to provide best assistance with an intention to solve the queries of customers.
  • If you find any unprofessional activities in the name of Supportly, we request you to immediately contact us regarding the same.

Frequently asked questions

How can we stop scamming activities in tech support services?

To stop tech support scams, education and awareness is the only weapon that we can use.
We need to make people aware of the possible activities that these scammers use and let them know how they can save themselves from the same.

How can I identify if the call I’m receiving is a scam or not?

The Scam callers follow a particular pitch pattern while calling the customer, if you’re being asked directly for your credit card details or the person on the call is providing some free subscriptions along with the service then there are high chances the person might be a scammer.