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Router Setup and Support

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  • Network preferences coordination
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Frequently asked questions

How can a router be hard reset?

1. On the device, look for a tiny hole or a reset button.
2. Maintain the device's power while pressing the reset button with a metal pin for 10 to 25 seconds.
3. Take note of how the LED indicators have changed.
4. Device will restart, and the LEDs will stabilize once more.
5. Access the device using the default settings once the LEDs are stable once more.

How can the admin password for a router be changed?

1. Launch any web browser and navigate to the router setup page.
2. Change the password by going to Admin / Management.
3. Under the Account Table, choose the admin account.
4. The information for the admin account will be filled in.
5. Type in the previous and new passwords, then click Modify.
6. Press "Apply."

From the router, the internet speed fluctuates. What causes might there be?

1. Determine whether the speed received through the router differs from the ISP plan.
2. Verify whether the issue is present on one or more devices.
3. Verify whether the speed decline affects only wired customers or also wireless clients.
4. Check the internet speed on both wired and wireless clients and make a note of it.
5. Verify the ISP end to see if the internet connection is steady.
6. Try a different or shorter Lan cable if the issue only occurs with wired customers.
7. If the issue primarily affects wireless clients, look for wireless interference close to the router.
8. Try to clear the device's settings and reset it.

On the router, the WAN LED is still off. What shall I do?

1. If the WAN LED lights on, connect the PC to the router's WAN port rather than its LAN port. If it does, configure the router for internet access and recheck.
2. If the WAN LED is still off, try connecting the wire with one end to the router's LAN port and the other to the WAN port (WAN: ON/OFF).
3. Attach an ISP cable to the PC and the router's LAN port.
4. forcing a router reset.
5. Update the router's firmware.
6. After updating the firmware, reset the router and use the methods above to check the LED status.
7. Take the gadget to the nearest repair facility if all attempts to.

Why is the router's power LED red?

1. Check the LED status in accordance with the model and firmware versions.
2. If additional LEDs turn on normally, continue with setting up the device.
3. Try performing a hard reset on the router if only the Power LED is lit up red and all other LEDs are off.
4. Verify whether the item is plugged into a direct power outlet or a UPS.
5. Disconnect from the UPS and attempt to plug into a direct power outlet
6. Examine utilizing a different power outlet.
7. If a different power adapter with the same rating is available, try turning the device on.
8. If the gadget is powered by a cable, try turning it on.

How can I update the firmware on my device?

1. It is strongly advised to link the router to the computer.
2. Type your router's IP address into an open web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
3. Click login after entering the device's label or admin as the username and password.
4. Select Maintenance from the menu.
5. Select Upgrade Firmware.
6. Use the browse button to find the proper firmware file on your local system.
7. Press the "Update Firmware / Upload" button.
8. Be patient and wait until the process is finished and the device reboots.
9. Verify the firmware version under Status to see if the upgrade was successful.

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