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Supportly provides all types of services related to your Audio Systems, Video Systems and All types of home entertainment systems by remote assistance means. Download the app now for 24x7 technical support.

Supportly resolves all types of issues related to the audio, video and home entertainment systems

  • Home theater setup and support
  • Audio System Support and services
  • Video System problems resolution
  • Television support and installation assistance
  • Universal systems services
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Frequently asked questions

How to Set Up a Home Theater System?

Follow these steps:
Preparing for Your Home Theater
Choosing and Installing a TV
Choosing and Installing the Speakers
Choosing and Installing a Receiver
Connecting Your Home Theater System

how to install a home audio system?

When you have a system with multiple wires and settings, it is easy for things like sound or vision to go wrong. First, check to make sure that the Mute control is not activated and try turning up the volume level.
Then check every wire and connection; for example; restart the Bluetooth if you are connected via Bluetooth. Try a different HDMI cable to ensure your cable is in a good state. Check each speaker to be sure they’re properly connected to the A/V receiver.
In case you have any further queries, please contact us.

How to install a home electrical outlet?

Below are the steps:
Turn Off the Power, and Test Outlet
Prepare the Cables
Strip the Wires
Attach Pigtail Wires to Circuit Wires
Connect the Ground Wire to the Receptacle 
Attach the Neutral and Hot Wires to the Receptacle 
Attach the Receptacle to the Box
Attach the Cover Plate

How to set up a universal remote?

Follow these easy steps:
Power on the TV or other device you’d like to connect to.
Insert batteries into your remote and point at the device.
Press and release the correct device button on your remote for the device you’re connecting. For example, if you’re connecting to a TV, press the TV button.
Now press the power button and the device button simultaneously. Hold until the power light on the device turns off and then back on.
Press and release the play button and wait five seconds to see if the device you’re connecting to turns off. If so, you found the correct code. If not, repeat the process. The remote will try a new batch of codes every time you hit the play button, so be sure to give it a moment to cycle through them all.
Press and release the reverse (rewind) button. This should turn the device back on. If not, repeat the process until it finds the correct code.
Press the stop button to save the code.
Test out several functions to ensure they are working correctly and then start using your remote.

How to Fix No Sound on a Home Theater System?

Below are the steps:
Check Home Theater Volume
Check the Home Theater is on the Right Input
Use Test Tones to Check Speakers
Check Home Theater Cabling
If the Home Theater Sound Still Don't Work

How to Set Up a Home Stereo System?

Follow these Steps: 
To start, it helps a great deal to draw a picture of what you are connecting.
Set up your equipment where you want it to go.
Connect the audio output from your first source (a CD player, for instance) to an audio input on your receiver with your cables.
Run your speaker wire from the receiver to your speakers.
Enjoy your stereo system!

How to install smart television on the wall?

These are the following steps:
Decide where you want to position the TV
Locate the wall studs using a stud finder.
Mark and drill your pilot holes.
Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.
Attach the mounting plate to the TV.
Mount your TV to the wall.
Enjoy your newly mounted TV!

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