Secure Payment

Scamming activities are very common in the world of technical support services.
This creates a lot of questions in the mind of customers before they go for any particular services for assistance.

Supportly App provide the secure payment.
Supportly App provide the technical support services and secure payment

The scamming activities in technical support services have created lots of insecurities among the customers related to the payments.

In this scenario, Online payment security is becoming one of the most serious issues. Protecting our customers against attacks over the internet and cyber theft is our prime concern.
That is why we at Supportly process our payments through the most encrypted payment gateways to keep the customers sensitive data safe.

Supportly App resolve desktop support, laptop support, printer support, email support and other technical support related queries.
Supportly App provide rhe wireless support, network and router support.

At Supportly, our experts along with machine learning technology working hard to fight the current scenario of fraud landscapes, our team of fraud experts will reach out to you if they ever notice any malware.

All the payments are processed through a multilayer defence system which is regularly monitored by the expert team to keep the frauds out of the reach of sensitive data.

Supportly app secure payment and other card details.
Supportly app protected from scams.

Our system also monitors regularly the transactions done by the customers and instantly report for any fraud activities.

Supportly is known for their authenticity and genuineness. We provide the safest payment infrastructure to protect your hard-earned money. All the card payments are end to end encrypted.

secure, reliable and simple secure payment.
Supportly app provide instant resolution of tech support services

The user’s payment data is processed through a fully encrypted gateway of payment that is only accessed by the dedicated financial specialist of the organization.