What can you do if you’ve been scammed?

Read to know the possible types of scams and how can you prevent yourself.

What can you do if you’ve been scammed?

Every individual in the world knowingly or unknowingly is endangered under the risk of being scammed! Scammers are going out of limits to loot the consumers irrespective of the field. 

Your personal details are not so secured even after being promised encryption.

If we’re prepared for what could happen and how we could tackle it will give us enough courage to survive any type of scam. Considering this scenario, here in this article we’re going to share some of the important information which you could use to protect yourself from the major effects if you’ve been scammed!

Readers are advised to keep themselves with us till the end of the article so that you won’t miss any important information that you need to know.

How can I recover my money if I’ve already paid a scammer?

Scammers are really good at what they do! They could be very convincing through their communication and could take your money or your personal details such as your personal security number or account number. Here are some tips you can use if you’ve already paid a scammer.

If you paid through debit or credit card

Immediately contact your bank service provider and let them know about your fraudulent activity and ask them to reverse the transaction.

If the scammer made an unauthorized transfer from your bank account

Contact your bank, explain the scenario with proof and ask them for a refund process. If required you can also involve the cybercrime authorities of the state.

If you paid through a gift card

Contact the gift card issuing company, and tell them about the fraud details. Check if your money could be refunded. For reference, keep the gift card details including the receipt with you.

If you did a wire transfer through your bank

Contact your bank operator, and let them know about the fraudulent activities. Ask for blocking your bank account immediately.

If you sent money through a money transfer app

Reach out to the help desk of the bank as soon as possible and tell them about the happening and check if they’re able to provide you with a refund.

If you paid through cryptocurrency

Contact the company through which you made the crypto transfer and see if they can provide you with a refund.

If you send cash

Contact the office of the money transferring company and ask them to intercept the package.

If in any case, you’re not able to find the solution, reach out to us. Supportly stands tall against all the scamming activities, Visit contact@supportly.app or Call toll-free at +1 866-904-2612.

What if the scammer has my personal information?

Scammers are very proficient in their work, they could steal your personal details without even letting you know. The government is taking good care of these scamming activities.

If you gave the scammer your secret security number. 

You could simply visit IdentityTheft.gov where you will get the detailed procedure that you need to follow. Also, you can also track your credit card from the same platform.

If the scammer has your User ID and Password.

Change your password as soon as possible, and create a strong one. If you’re using the same password anywhere else, you need to change that too.

What if the scammer has access to my computer or phone?

There could be different possibilities through which scammers could have access to your device, be it your desktop/laptop or your smartphone.

If the scammer has remote access to my laptop/desktop?

If the scammer has remote access to your laptop/desktop, you need to immediately run a security scan and delete anything which is identified as a problem. After that, you can also preserve your important information and can format your system.

If the scammer took control of my smartphone account and phone number?

If the scammer has your smartphone number and account in control, contact your cell phone service and ask for the control of your device. Once you’ve got your access back, change the password as soon as possible.

How can I report a scam to Supportly?

Supportly is against all the scamming activities that are happening in the world of technical support.

In case of any scam scamming activities you’re facing or if you want to know more about scams and scammers, Contact Supportly through visit contact@supportly.app or call toll-free at +1 (866) 904-2612.

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