Top 27 Most Popular USA Tech Blogs & Websites

Most Popular USA Tech Blogs & Websites

Top 27 Most Popular USA Tech Blogs & Websites

Top 27 Most Popular USA Tech Blogs & Websites.

Top 27 USA Tech Blogs & Websites in Popularity. Top USA Tech Websites & Blogs. These top USA tech blogs and websites were reviewed by As the internet is humming with a few new technical developments, save some of these for later reading.

While some of the websites on this list may be ones you are familiar with, many of them may not be as they are located in the United States. If you're looking to learn about the most recent technological developments, US technology blogs and websites are a good place to start because the US is typically the birthplace of many tech products.


You may find practically anything you might need on CNET, one of the most well-known technology websites out there. CNET is a reliable and up-to-date source for tech knowledge thanks to its several sections for product reviews, information upgrades, movies, how-tos, and one which alerts you to deals for the greatest economies.

2. Mashable

Since the majority of people, it's possible that you know about the most significant among the best and most well-known technology blog online, which covers the most revolutionary engineering news, equipment, engineering, and fascinating items and helpful suggestions to web surfers. The best feature of this website is the ability to view videos related to the most recent technological news. Additionally, it has over 7,000 social networking followers and receives over 25 million visitors each month.

3. Gizmodo

Gizmodo is a fashion and technology website with stories on everything from serious, ground-breaking technical advice to funnier and more intriguing things. Along with giving you your daily serving of entertainment and technology. It primarily covers the most recent news regarding gadgets, the best apparatus guides, and tutorials specific to your gadget. If you enjoy technology, this website is well worth visiting, and you should also visit it to find the most recent and upcoming device news.

4. Technology Radar

Due to the fact that Tech Radar is available in 4 different regions worldwide, it is conceivable that you have already heard of it. However, it's worthwhile to spend some time looking at the American version of this website. It is constantly updated with the newest details on smartphones, notebook computers, wearable technology, automotive engineering, and much more. You may stay informed and fascinated about the world of technology with Tech Radar. The best part is that if you're an Android fan, this website also posts news and guides about Android on the site.

5. Tom's Hardware

Furthermore, it provides a discussion area for those audiences, allowing you to locate other US tech blogs and ask any queries you may have. Tom's Hardware is a terrific resource for connecting with other tech enthusiasts and staying up to date with the latest news.

6. ZDNet

CBS Interactive's ZDNet is a technology website that largely focuses on hardware, software, cellular, safety, and research. They provide product reviews, which are available on CNET. The most recent improvements in the fields of engineering, assessment, and information are given right to your inbox if you combine the ZDNet newsletter!

7. The Verge

The Verge will give you the tech fix you require, whether you want to learn more about research, entertainment, or automobiles. Additionally, it offers fascinating guides on technologies and their impact on society.

8. Engadget

As soon as they reach their second decade, they start to focus less on the equipment itself and more on how it impacts our lives. It will be possible for you to stay up with the most recent technological advancements in regard to science, culture, video gambling, entertainment, and much more thanks to Engadget, which is renowned for its product reviews. Gamers will visit Engadget frequently as a source of information.

9. Slash Gear

The website offers several web sites for guidance related to Apple, Android, cars, cell phones, mobile phones, tablets, video gambling, wearables, etc. Slash Gear has a highly comprehensive technological policy. Every day, it updates you on the hottest topics, allowing you to read the stories that are causing the rest of the Web to go crazy. You can find everything you need here, whether you're looking for columns, reviews, or informational tidbits.

10. Android Authority

It's one of the best websites available to Android users. You can stay up to date on the most recent developments from the Android world and obtain helpful advise before buying android products thanks to Android Authority's web sites for guidance and reviews related to all Android products. Additionally, Android Authority offers an app section where you can look for fresh and useful programmes that suit your needs.

11. TechCrunch

It is regarded as one of the most well-liked tech websites for offering reliable information on the latest gadgets and technologies. One of the most well-known technology websites on the internet, Tech Crunch, is also one of the best technology platforms on the World Wide Web. This mainly offers articles about online portal websites, reviews of the newest technology products, etc.


Another popular blog that routinely provides technology-related content to web users is Next Web. It mostly guarantees subjects and resources related to commerce, engineering, and civilisation. Additionally, it posts helpful articles for new equipment. It is highly advised to read and view this website for next-generation equipment. It's interesting that there are now more than 7,000,000,000 unique searches and 10,000,000,000 page views per month.


Another important online resource for technology, video game consoles, and interesting lifestyle guides is Additionally, it guarantees guides related to cars, music, and photography. It also occasionally writes about Apple data.

14. Pocket-Lint

Pocket-lint will have a tonne of information and updates for you, regardless of the gadget you would wish to learn more about. You can consider your options before making a purchase and be sure that you're getting the greatest bargain possible because it also reviews the products and makes comparisons with other tools.

15. Techmeme

It offers the best commentary and advice on key figures in the tech industry.

16. VentureBeat

The main source of information about cutting-edge technology is VentureBeat. They offer the framework to help executives, business owners, and technology enthusiasts make informed judgments.

17. Codify

With a team of the most knowledgeable and reputable journalists in media and technology, Recode provides technical information, reviews, and analysis.

18. Free Educational Technology

Teachers can find ideas on how to use free technology resources in their own classrooms to further the education of their students at Free Technology for Educators. The website has received numerous awards. The site's owner spent nine decades teaching social studies in higher education. He writes about educational technology and gives talks and workshops at conferences all over the world.


They contain the most latest information, including computer purchasing guides, characteristics, and reviews of the newest hardware and software.

20. GeekWire

It is truly a rapidly expanding, globally recognised technological information website with strong roots in the Seattle region and a sizable global readership of millions of devoted followers.

21. Computerworld

The place A variety of technological topics are covered by Computer World, including applications, security, operating systems, wireless, storage, information and server facilities, upcoming technologies, and engineering firms like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

22. Macworld

Information, opinions, advice, and information about Apple's Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod iTouch, and much more are available on the website Mac World. If you're a die-hard or new user of the Mac or iPad, they give you the inside scoop on what's new, what's best, and how to get the most out of your favourite devices.

23. TechnoBuffalo

The information on TechnoBuffalo was created by a team of professionals that identify as tech enthusiasts. Their writings address a range of technology-related issues and topics, from common applications to the business enterprise side of their operations.

24. Gigaom

A tech research and analysis company is called Gigaom. They concentrate on assisting industry leaders in understanding the effects of climbing systems on commerce, the media, and society.

25. Technology soups

You can't live without the digital tools and advice on devices, smartphones, and applications that Technosoups offers. They give people helpful information on topics like smartphone reviews, mobile technology, and in-depth analyses of brand-new devices. Their goal is to become your go-to internet source for digital resources.

26. InfoWorld

InfoWorld offers business engineering, IT guidance, product assessments, business IT planning, etc. It is the location where tech decision-makers go to modernise processes using the newest technologies, architectures, and methodologies.

27. TechHive

The website will be able to collaborate with you to identify your sweet spot for technology. The latest recent research and information on smart home technologies is available. From minor controls to safety, entertainment to smart home gadgets, etc., they offer protection.

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