Microsoft Finally Bid Adieu to Internet Explorer After 27 Years

Microsoft Finally Bid Adieu to Internet Explorer After 27 Years

Microsoft Finally Bid Adieu to Internet Explorer After 27 Years

After 27 years of service, Microsoft is finally retiring the legendary Internet Explorer. 

Through an official announcement, the Microsoft Officials have made the Internet Explorer 11 the final version as there won’t be another version of the web browser coming in the future. 

Debuting in the year 1995 on the Windows desktop computers, Internet Explorer has captured a total of 95% of the market till the year 2004.

In today’s world, the veteran is hard to compete with the web browsing giants such as Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. And to beat the market, Microsoft Edge has been introduced in the year 2015. The User who is trusted by the services of Microsoft is directed to the Microsoft Edge web browser.

The popularity has been diminished slowly over time when the present-day browser are having high capabilities and connectivity with the most used platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google Search.

The emergence of smartphones is also having a great impact on the shifting preferences to another web browser as Apple’s devices are pre-installed with Safari and the androids with Google Chrome. People are very less dependent on desktops and more on smartphones for their browsing needs and in this race, the veteran Internet Explorer became less popular.

According to Microsoft Officials, the legacy of Internet Explorer will be still available on the older versions of Windows, to get the traditional feel of web browsing, users can get it on the decade-old versions of Windows.

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