How to Use a Blue Light Filter on Mac?

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How to Use a Blue Light Filter on Mac?

Blue Light Filter on Mac

A blue light filter is an effective tool to protect your eyes from eye strain. It filters out the blue light emitted from digital screens such as computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones. Blue light can disrupt your sleep cycle, so using a filter can improve your quality of life. Fortunately, there are several ways to utilize a blue light filter on Mac.

Steps to Use a Blue Light Filter on Mac

1. Enable the Night Shift Feature: Apple’s built-in Night Shift feature is an easy way to reduce the amount of blue light directly from the display. To enable this feature on your Mac: 

  1. Open the System Preferences
  2. Select “Displays”
  3. Select “Night Shift”
  4. Drag the slider to the left or right to adjust your preferred color temperature

2. Use a Dedicated Blue Light Filter App: It is also possible to use a third-party app to reduce blue light on your Mac. Many of the apps feature extra settings to customize how much you want to filter and when you’d like to enable the filter. An example of this type of app would be "Flux".

  1. Download and install the Flux app on your Mac
  2. Open the Preferences window
  3. Set the color temperature to your desired preference
  4. Adjust the slider to determine how much you want to reduce the blue light
  5. Optionally, you can set a schedule for when your computer should activate the filter
  6. Save your settings and the Flux app will now start actively filtering out the blue light from your screen

3. WiFi-Enabled Blue Light Filter: Another great way to filter blue light on your Mac is to use a wireless, blue light filter. These devices are typically an extra screen-sized device that fits over your monitor and filters the blue light from your computer screen. The wireless units can be synchronized with Flux apps to adjust the color temperature and brightness to your preferred level.

  1. Purchase a blue light filter designed for your size of monitor
  2. Place the filter over your monitor
  3. Install and open Flux
  4. Enter the settings you want the WiFi enabled filter to use
  5. Open the Flux settings window
  6. Enable "Wi-Fi Filtering"
  7. You’re now ready to use the blue light filter on your Mac

By following these steps, you can easily enable a blue light filter on your Mac. You can select the intensity of the filter or how long you’d like for it to be enabled. Utilizing a blue light filter can reduce eye strain and other fatigue related to extended computer usage. It also improves sleep quality which is essential for overall health. Contact the Supportly App customer service team if you require additional help.