AT&T Email account compromised

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AT&T Email account compromised

Email from AT&T hacked

You are able to take back control of your account. AT&T Internet Security Services says there are various steps you may do to protect yourself and your account information.

The security of your account could be compromised in a variety of ways. You may make changes to get your account back and take care of many issues that are putting you in risk.

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Change your email's password

Your AT&T email account's security is less at risk if you change the password right away.

After making sure that your email security settings are current and that no malware is present on any of the devices connected to your network, make sure to update your password once more.

For help selecting a strong password and protecting it from potential security risks, review these password tips.

Questions and answers for account security need to be made or updated. Using the security questions and answers you generate using myAT&T, you can securely access your account and change your account information.

Protect your computers against malware. Malware can be used to steal passwords and other sensitive information.

Scan all PCs with an up-to-date antivirus programme. AT&T AntiVirus Plus powered by McAfee delivers free firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware protection for customers who qualify.

Use an anti-malware product that is currently available because some malware cannot be found by antivirus scans.

To keep your operating system up to date, be sure to apply the recommended security updates from the operating system vendor.

Contact us or the ATT support staff for additional assistance or more information.
Call us about your compromised AT&T email account. We have been providing email services to both new and recurring customers with success.

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