Application for technical issues - support for all devices universal print troubleshooting Guide

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Application for technical issues - support for all devices universal print troubleshooting Guide

The techniques in this article outline how to troubleshoot and fix Universal Print problems.

Registering and Cnfiguring Pinters

The connector app does not display a printer on the connector.

To be registered, only printers that are nearby the computer running the Connector will be shown. During enumeration, printers that are set up as network Point and Print printers or that use a PORTPROMPT.

1. Check the printer is actually installed locally on the connection PC and not being shared by another PC, such as a print server.

2. look events that explain why a certain printer was skipped and not made accessible to register in the print connector event log.

Administrator is unable to add a printer.

For printers of Universal Print Native:

1. If this is the first printer being registered, make sure you are using an account with Global Administrator access. The majority of IHVs have a software installed that helps printers sign up joined devices. The Global Administrator role is required to install the application. It will be possible to register further printers using the Print Technician or Print Administrator credentials.

2. Check to see if the printer can access the Internet and that no firewall or proxy settings are preventing it.

3. Check to check if the printer has ever been registered

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