Apple Announces the New M2 chip for the MacBook, Check How it is different from the M1s.

Read the entire blog to know about the latest M2 chips by Apple for Macbook.

Apple Announces the New M2 chip for the MacBook, Check How it is different from the M1s.

According to the new announcements by Apple officials, the new generation MacBook will be loaded with the latest technology M2 chips. The improvisation has been done to enhance the performance and efficiency of the new systems of Apple.

But we need to check if the enhancement is legit or not. Let’s check out the up-gradation of the M2 chips over its predecessor M1 chips.

Here in the blog, we’re discussing everything you need to know about the M2 chips, after reading you’ll be able to self-analyze whether you should upgrade or not!

How is Apple Silicon different from other Apple processors?

For over a decade, Apple has been making its own processors for its products including iPhone, iPad, and apple watch. After the year 2020, the officials of apple have started developing a specialized processor for the apple MacBook known as the Apple Silicon and the first of which is M1.

The most attractive feature of these processors is that the CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), and the GPU (Graphics Processing Units) are built into a single chip.

Intel Vs Apple Silicon

The Apple Silicon, according to Apple, is known for its Low-Power Systems which they’ve enhanced the power and efficiency of the Macs while reducing the size of the processors by a big margin. The preference for Silicon-based Macs over Intel-based Macs is mainly due to the fact that Silicon based Macs are capable of running faster and longer while consuming significantly less power.

Going by the fact, the M1 Macs are so efficient that the 2020 generation Macs are designed with literally no fans, they can run for 18 hours on single charging which is an improvement of about 50% from the 2019 Intel-based Macs.

The Latest M2 Processor by Apple!

The new M2 chip by apple is expected to be available with the latest 2022 Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and as per the announcements, the power and efficiency is going to be even better than the previous one.

Some of the Key Features of M2

  1. High-Performance Media Engine
  2. 40% Faster Neutral Engine
  3. Up to 15.8 Trillion Operations Per Second
  4. 8 Core CPU
  5. 100 GB/s Memory Speed
  6. More Than 20 Billion Transistors

Comparison between the M1 and the M2 Chips

According to the claims by Apple Officials, the latest chip M2 is going to be 18% faster than the predecessor M1 chip. Apart from that, it will be almost 15 times faster than the 2019 Intel-based Mac. Also, a bit of advancement in the latest M2 chip is the increment in the unified memory from 16GB in the M1 to 24 GB in the M2. Considering other improvisations, a new media built-in is also provided which is capable of handling multiple streams of resolution up to 8K. The GPU is also updated with 10 cores which is 2 more than the M1 chip. With all these features the Apple Officials are claiming that the latest M2 chip will be giving 25% more graphic performance than the M1 Chip.

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