After Installation, Update the Norton Antivirus Software

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After Installation, Update the Norton Antivirus Software
Antivirus are not up to date out of the box and lack most latest virus and spyware definitions. Without the most recent definitions, your anti virus cannot be aware of the most recent viruses and spyware that have been developed your Laptop open to infection.

 We strongly advise updating your antivirus software with the most recent virus and spyware definitions after installation. The antivirus software can now shield your PC from any viruses and spyware.

 In many cases, the antivirus software update automatically check the recent updates. If asked to update the antivirus programme, choose Yes. If it does not instantly ask you to update.

Set the antivirus programme to get automatic updates.

 The automatic update feature is typically enabled by default in antivirus software. It is highly advised that automatic updates be turned on in order to maintain the antivirus software up to date at all times.

 Follow the general instructions listed below to see if automatic updates are enabled in your antivirus product.

 1. Open The Antivirus Software.

 2. In the antivirus programme window, look for a Settings or Advanced Settings button or link. Look for an option like Updates or something such if you don't see any of the two options.

 3. Search for the option labelled "Automatically download and apply updates" in the Settings or Updates box. Instead of updates, it can also be referring to malware definitions.

 4. If it isn't already selected, select the box next to the automatic updates option.

 5. .To save the settings changes, click the Save or Apply button.

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